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    If you are looking for a sense of belonging and a thriving city for your career or business, look no further than Clovis, New Mexico.

    Situated on the plains of eastern New Mexico and home to Cannon Air Force Base, our growing city is perfectly positioned among New Mexico and Texas hubs including Albuquerque, Lubbock and Amarillo. Whether you’re starting a business, transitioning to a remote work lifestyle, relocating or looking to expand, Clovis can provide a comfortable way of life with open skies and endless possibilities.

    Our economic environment is backed by a powerful fiber network spanning across the city … and we currently have a state-of-the-art 35,000-square-foot data center, and industrial parks with 230 acres of land available for development.

    In Clovis, we go the extra mile for community members and we welcome with open arms anyone seeking a change of pace or home for their next business venture. Come see for yourself why Clovis is the community you desire, with the technology you deserve.

    Our neighboring city Portales also has access to high-speed broadband internet through Yucca Telecom! An affordable cost of living, strongly supported schools including Eastern New Mexico University, and an exceptionally low crime rate makes Portales a gateway to the good life.

    EXPLORE LIFE IN PORTALES through the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Corp.

    • Clovis is a Smart Rural Community


      We’re not trying to become the next Silicon Valley. Instead, we’re finding our own place in the innovation economy by welcoming a thriving technological community that embraces our small-town feel. Life in Clovis means a safe, laid-back atmosphere, an affordable cost of living, and even more affordable hi-speed internet for everyone.

    • Clovis’ Growing Social Scene


      Recently, new shops, restaurants and breweries have brought new life to Downtown Clovis, alongside our beloved antique shops and historic theaters. We are home to the second largest zoo in the state, and our rich rock ‘n’ roll history, museums and a variety of fun, family-friendly events each year attract people from all over the world.

    • Opportunities for Everyone


      This community is experiencing a revitalization and there is an opportunity for residents to build a career and a life. Whether you’re starting a business, transitioning to a remote work lifestyle, relocating or looking to expand, Clovis can provide open skies and endless possibilities.
    • Clovis Community College


      CCC serves as an educational, business and cultural hub for the city. By embracing advances in technology and offering programs in Computer Information Sciences, Information Technology, Industrial Technology and more, CCC is committed to efficiently and cost-effectively developing a workforce that ignites economic vitality. For anyone beginning, improving or expanding a small business, the Small Business Development Center on campus offers business advice, education and hands-on-training. CCC also offers unique cultural events and life-long learning opportunities for residents of all ages.

      We currently have a state-of-the-art 35,000-square-foot data center, and industrial parks with 230 acres of land available for development. View the informational videos below, or check out all of our available real estate.

      Clovis Industrial Park

      The Clovis Industrial Park is located south of Clovis and conveniently located adjacent to US 60, 70 and 84 east. The Park contains approximately 240 acres of prime industrial property and is currently sub-divided into 25 lots. The lot sizes range from 5 acres to 20-acre sites with the option of combining lots to serve a tenants’ needs. The property is located outside the City limits of Clovis, which provides an advantage to companies as they pursue state and federal incentive programs.

      Plateau Data Center

      Any business or institution looking to reduce risk and IT expenses should consider Plateau’s Data Center services for colocation, disaster recovery, off-site backup of critical data, or virtual servers to run its software. The center delivers enhanced security features via redundant generators, UPS, In-Row Cooling Systems, and fiber network redundancy, as well as an administrative area suitable for disaster recovery operations for small to medium-sized businesses, along with an experienced group of IT professionals.

      call center

      Call Center Facility

      Sitting on 9 acres and conveniently located on the southeast edge of the city, this 35,000 square-foot plug-and-play call center facility boasts a 22,250 sq-ft call center area and 12,450 square feet for offices, training rooms, a cafeteria, etc. The site has 150 existing work stations but can accommodate more than 400 seats – and the telecommunication infrastructure is capable of carrying as many as 2,016 phone lines. The facility has new carpet, paint and landscaping, as well as a new roof and parking lot resurface.

      Firehouse Workspace

      Working remotely can be lonely. At The Firehouse Workspace, we build community so our members can work independently, together. The historic building has been thoughtfully restored to maintain its character and charm, and updated with lots of work amenities – bright and open space, fast internet, coffee and more! Firehouse Workspace offers one-day passes, a la carte rental options like conference rooms and photo studios, or monthly rentals for a desk or private office.

      Firehouse Testimonials

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